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Welcome to the home of Bandiet,
the traditional Belgian wheat beer.

Vlaamsche Bandiet Witbier

Brewed and bottled by Brouwerij Sint-Jozef, Belgium with five generations of knowledge and heritage. Now Available at Systembolaget. Brewery’s web page.


Vlaamsche Bandiet Witbier is an unfiltered high-fermentation beer that is brewed according to a slow brewing procedure. No additional yeast is added afterwards, the final product that is poured into barrels or bottles has already attained its best possible taste, thanks to the original brewing yeast.

We, of course, use wheat in the brewing of our Vlaamsche Bandiet, but also several natural herbs, and no chemical flavorings or preservatives. The development, brewing and bottling of Vlaamsche Bandiet, is taken care of at the Sint-Jozef Brewery in Opitter.

Bandiet is white unfiltered wheat beer with fruity notes of orange and herbal notes of coriander.

Alcohol: 5 % abv. Bitterness: 15 EBU
Ingredients: Malt 51,56 %, Hop 0,34 %, Herbs 0,26 %, Wheat 44,30 %, Oats 3,54 %